hello? testing! ahem! I know that right now I don't have many viewers, but I want to make a strong statement. I met someone a year ago... That someone was so wonderful with me... I knew from the first time I saw her that she is the right one! Imagine my happiness! I couldn't let her go intact :) she wanted me only as a friend but I knew I wanted more, I wanted all with her!! So I insisted and I suceeded :) I promised her I would come back for her. Fast forward a couple of months and here I am :) in a new country experimenting new things, living differently!! There have been some downs... but the "ups" have been more often and stronger!! And that's how I want to live my life with her: with peace, with harmony, with love, respect, passion, adventure! :) Sometimes I forget these details but she is right there always to remember me and I don't have any more words to thank her and God for bringing me her to my life :) I know, I know, I haven't said her name, so here it goes: Iva! I have some strong, passionate, adventurous, firm, inmense, real, multiplied by infinit and with all-the-positive-adjectives-one-can-think-of feelings for you :) :****